Commercial Construction & Developments

Zegna is a specialist in commercial concrete tilt-panel and precast construction which is widely regarded as the most economic, structurally sound and fastest method of construction for commercial premises. This method sees concrete elements such as columns, walls and subfloor structures manufactured either on or off site, then manoeuvred (tilted) into position by crane. Zegna has substantial site-based experience in precast, Tilt-Up Panel Construction in Perth. Our portfolio includes warehouses, showrooms, factory units, medical centres, recreational buildings and other industrial type buildings.

We understand that sometimes changes need to be made so we take a very flexible approach. At any stage during construction we are happy to carry out changes to suit you or to accommodate a potential purchaser or lessee.

Even if you only need modifications to an existing building, Zegna can still help. We can assist with commercial and industrial building extensions, coordinate all planning approvals, design and construction. We can work around the needs of your business to ensure there is minimal disruption.

Zegna also tender on projects and can quote on your working drawings.