Robert Zupanovich is Zegna’s Managing Director and has been a builder for 25 years. Robert is a registered builder and you will deal directly with him from start to finish on every project. All Zegna key managers and supervisors are registered builders, ensuring we deliver a superior service.

Zegna is well regarded as one of Western Australia’s leading and most successful builders of high-quality commercial and industrial units and multi-level apartments. We approach every project with the utmost care and years of experience with a view to producing remarkable buildings and long-term client relationships. We work closely with our clients, our staff, our contractors, architects, certifiers, suppliers and financiers to ensure that each project is properly managed from start to finish.

We believe that quality is paramount and that quality depends on the attitudes and skills of individuals working together as a team. The team needs to know what it is expected of them in order to achieve the expected outcomes and to be given solid guidelines from experienced leaders. Only when team members are properly informed, valued for their skills and adequately rewarded will they be able to deliver real quality.


Our vision at Zegna is to remain at the forefront of the construction industry in WA by always delivering the very best possible results at affordable prices and introducing innovative materials and techniques where appropriate. The entire team understands the need for absolute quality in every aspect of the building process and will strive to achieve perfection in all future projects.

Our key project objectives are to:

  • Guarantee high levels of overall client satisfaction and develop long-term opportunities for future business
  • Produce the highest standards of quality in the marketplace through the use of superior materials, the latest techniques and innovative technologies
  • Deliver all projects on time and on budget whilst ensuring the safety of everyone involved
  • Deliver projects that are designed and constructed using sustainable and ecologically friendly methods