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A New Way To Think About Developing

Typically a property development is undertaken with the objective of selling the developed properties before or after completion.

But Zegna also offers a different approach: developing to invest. This means developing the property and retaining it as the owner for the generation of long-term wealth.

If the objective is to build and sell, lenders will require a high proportion of units to be pre-sold before they will approve finance. With Zegna’s investment approach, not only are financing arrangements more favourable, but long-term cashflow and wealth generation become a reality.

How This Approach Differs:

Zegna can offer a different approach to structuring development deals. Our goal is to remove roadblocks and to maximise long-term income and wealth.

Standard Development

  • Pre-sales required (difficult in current market)
  • Financing non-investment developments can be difficult
  • Negative gearing requires monthly cash input from developer
  • No capital appreciation

Zegna Development

  • No pre-sales required, start straight away
  • Refinance on completion and get your equity back
  • Remain cash flow positive
  • Both capital appreciation and depreciation expense benefits
Why you need to develop instead of buying established

Is there anything more risky than investing in property? YES!!! Investing in established property when you should be developing property to invest.

Gone are the days where it was a lot easier to pick the hot areas in the market to buy established property and wait patiently for ‘time’ to grow your equity. In the current market, you now have a choice to develop predictable equity upon completion of a development. How is this possible? It’s a new concept by Zegna for the property development market, I call it being a ‘Micro Developer’.

The Micro Developer Model is the future.

It’s for anyone who wants to grow their wealth through property development whether they are seasoned or first-time investors, 1st homebuyers, retirees, down-sizers… the list is endless. This model generates instant equity on completion of a project. By making a decision to ‘build to develop’ (Micro Developer) rather than buy established or buy off the plan, you are able to grow your wealth and achieve your goals in a shorter period of time.

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The first ‘Micro Developer’ project, 3 Dongara Street, Innaloo, Perth, Western Australia
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