A property developer’s happiness formula – what’s important.

You may be thinking – ‘Why is a property developer and builder writing about happiness?’ The simple answer is; I have seen first-hand how the by-products of property development (time and financial freedom) have helped established, burnt-out professionals create a more balanced and healthy life with stronger relationships, more fulfilment, more time with their family and more money/less time at work to enjoy the fruits of their success.

It is one of the driving passions in my life to help more people discover how property development can be the vehicle to further support a life well-lived. Often Zegna clients come from a medical profession where they dedicate their life to helping others, years of study, years of becoming a specialist, honing their craft, working nights shifts and long hours… Yes, they have wealth but what they are often lacking is the time freedom later in life to enjoy that wealth and celebrate the peak of their career, to continue with their profession and enjoy more time off without having to take a dip in income. 

Property development makes this possible, it is what I call the ‘property developer’s happiness formula.

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well-lived.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

What does property development have to do with happiness?

Careers are an important part of our lives – along with providing an income, they also create a platform for personal growth, connection, learning, travel, discovery, challenges and a rich well of experiences. Often the career path, particularly at an established level comes with physical and emotional stress.

For the established, busy professionals who have achieved much of the success they have worked hard for in their life… If you ask yourself the question, “What are the most important things in my life?” – more often than not, the answers will have a close resemblance (in no particular order) to the following list;

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Time
  • Financial Freedom

Property development is an opportunity to diversify your wealth to enjoy more of the above.

Where the stressors show up.

You’re at the peak of your career, you’ve got the dream job or dream business that the younger you perhaps never imagined would be possible for you. At this level, there’s a high level of performance pressures, deadlines and in some cases an 80-90 hour work week. This can be a wonderful thrill for a time in your life but is it sustainable long-term? What happens when the cracks start to surface? … The eating habits aren’t as all-star as they were, exercise gets neglected and your health suffers. 

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to meet the love of your life, the person you treasure most and you have a wonderful family, do you need to wait until retirement to spend more time together or could there be another way to make that happen now? Perhaps you want to go on longer holidays and adventures without the constraints of a demanding professional life to maintain the lifestyle you’re used to. 

Does the job or business allow you enough time freedom with your family to be there for all the kids’ sports days, go on the family holidays and spend quality time together?

Are you crunching the numbers to work out how many years you need to keep up this level of work or involvement in the business to secure the financial freedom you have set in your sights?  

The thought itself of maintaining that level of work for the next 5-10 years may well be a high stressor in itself which has a direct impact on the most important part of life there is…


What’s the solution?

Everyone has their own vision of success and what a happy, healthy, well-balanced life means to them. There is a time and place for all aspects of life that brings fulfilment to both your personal and professional worlds.

In my experience, there are a lot of established, busy professionals that simply haven’t discovered how powerful and simple the process of property development can be to serve them as a vehicle to make more money and work less hours. 

Once you get started, you’ll quickly discover that the time and financial freedom property development generates can (if you choose) directly result in improved health, stronger relationships, more time with your family and the financial freedom to retire or semi-retire earlier.

It’s not for everyone and I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with an experienced property developer and builder who can manage the process for you. 

That’s what we do at Zegna and we love it.

Here’s to your health, happiness and a life well-lived.

Robert Zupanovich.